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Original Copper Dog Collar

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The original copper dog collar from Forbes Copper is a very effective natural remedy against stiffness conditions. If your dog struggles to jump into the car or hobbles across the floor to the water bowl, which is common in elderly dogs, our pure copper dog collars may be worth a go.

We have received countless letters describing how much loved pets have recovered well enough to return to an active and happy life. You can read some on our testimonials page here. Our products provide clear evidence of the success in using this wonderful old remedy, so please try it for yourself, or if you know a friend who's dog is struggling from stiffness, then they make great presents!


Taking The Measurement
You will need to measure your dog's neck as these items are made to measure. We recommend leaving about 3 fingers to give a more comfortable fit. We also recommend using them along side a normal collar as the copper is not strong enough to use as a lead collar.