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These are just a few kind words we have kept from our customers over the years.

"Two or three weeks ago I purchased a copper collar for my nearly 12 year old Springer Spaniel Ollie, upon the recommendation of a friend who had also purchased from you. He suffers from osteo arthritis in his front paws and was already improving a little as I had taken him off the prescription Previcox and started giving Yumove which is available on the internet. The improvement became quite dramatic within a few days of wearing the collar and now he is chasing footballs, leaping on and off sofas and beds (not really allowed....!) and he is clearly a much happier, brighter and more cheerful dog.

I am recommending your collars to everyone I meet with older dogs and I just wish vets would realise how good they are. It worries me that I have been sold all sorts of medicines most with side effects when a simple copper collar has produced a far more successful result."

Helen Gould-Cooper, Wiltshire


"My field trail winner Labrador sustained damage to her front leg whilst working. Normal drug remedies I used were ok, no cure, but once the copper necklace was on the bitch she was as sound as a bell"

Mike Tallamy (


"Thank you very much for sending the pastern strap, as promised I enclosed a copy of 4 horses which have been trained at Shutscombe that have recaptured or in some cases improved their form after the application of a copper strap.

In all four cases it was quite noticeable that all the horses, at their mature ages were virtually untrainable. Pocket Too and Polished we learned later had arthritic knees. Slievenamen Mist was a complete cripple and was untrainable until April/May, out hunting he would only walk he was so unsound but after the application of the strap he won at Newbury in February. "

Victor Dartnall (


"Since wearing a Forbes Copper Collar our eleven your old Schnauzer has improved tremendiously and got all his life back together again. No longer squeals in pain and can jump and leap about again, and loves his walks."

from a very grateful owner 

"I am writing to tell you that our 7 year old Greman Short -haired Pointer named Monty has been wearing the Copper Chain for approximately 8 weeks. He has been suffering with arthritis in his hip and right front shoulder. He also has a very slight hip displacement. We have noticed already that there has been a vast improvement in his hip and a slight improvement in his shoulder. He has been on painkillers daily and at present he is not on them."

Mrs. L. Rose, Nottingham

"Many thanks for my Copper Dog Collar, my 14 year old lab is starting to brighton up. She has even started to play with her toys again."

Tina Cowham, Dewsbury

"The Collar transformed the life of our Labrador and I am delighted to have made contact with you again."

Mrs. A D. Carmalt-Jones, Dewsbury

"Just wanted to say thank you for your copper collar that my West Highland Terrier wears. In January this year (2011) she had damaged ligaments in both back legs and could hardly walk. The vet prescribed medication which didnt agree with her. I tried your copper collar and within a week she started to get more mobile. She has worn the collar ever since and is walking and jumping on the furniture, back to her usual self without any medication. Thank you so much I recommend your copper collars to everyone that has a problem, especially Westies!"

Audrey Milne

"I realised after speaking with you when ordering the Copper that I had not told you that for me it had been a saviour. Many years ago I was told I had arthritis fairly widespread, but from the start of wearing copper it has not been a problem. If ever I felt a twinge (I have not for a long time) I just polished the copper and the twinge disapeared."

Mary, Ross'shire

"I just wanted to thank you for the dog collar I received about a month ago. My German Shepherd is 13 in a couple of weeks, he has canine degenerative myelopathy and a bit of arthritis but the collar is really making a difference.
I was a bit sceptical when I ordered the collar but at his age anything is worth a try, oddly the first day he wore the collar he jumped out of the car and ran off across the field.
He's not leaping about like a puppy but he has been running for the first time in about 5 years, he can walk much further without resting and is enjoying his walks a lot more.
Thanks so much, you were recommended to me and I'm recommending you to everyone."

Jenni Lawson, Falmouth