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Copper Collars for Pets & Therapeutic Jewellery

The original copper company, Forbes Copper, offers a range of finely crafted products, including copper collars in various sizes for dogs, leather pasterns straps which have a copper insert for horses, and some therapeutic copper jewellery including; copper bangles, bracelets and rings. Please see our copper products page to view all.

Over the years we have been so happy to hear the remarkable success stories bought to so many, in the UK and all over the world, who have tried our copper collars and this wonderful old remedy. It is a testament to Arthur Forbes, an animal lover and naturalist, who pioneered the use of copper as a remedy on animals. Use of coopper as a remedy was common while living in a copper deficient area in Africa. You can read more about the history on our about page.

Copper as a Remedy

Copper is an old Egyptian medical remedy for arthritis

Egyptian medical papyrus dating to circa 1550 BC

The therapeutic value of copper has been know for centuries and is recorded in the ancient Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, a collection of remedies and one of the world's oldest books.

Copper is a natural chemical element, more specifically its a transitional metal. When Copper reacts with your skin, and air, it produces copper oxide; this is the green alkaline phosphates that sometimes appears on your skin as a result of wearing the copper. Academic research indicates that this copper solution is capable of permeating your skin and we know that stiffness can be caused by a build-up of acidity in ones joins.

Forbes copper collars can be used for horses, dogs & on cats, it is one of the worlds olderst natural remedy.