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The Benefits

The therapeutic value of copper in relieving the symptoms of stiffness conditions has been known for centuries and is recorded in the ancient Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, a collection of natural healing remedies and one of the world's oldest books.

Academic research indicates that a copper solution, resulting from wearing the metal, is capable of permeating the skin.

Our original and famous copper treatments can benefit humans, dogs, cats and even horses. We are proud to offer the very best copper products to help the natural healing of stiffness symptoms.


Brief History

Arthur Forbes (left) in Sudan, where he lived as part of his job up to the late 1950s, with his wife Joan and two children, Peter and Rolleen. The great African culture in natural healing was an inspiration to Arthur, who was a keen naturalist himself, and lead him on to pioneer the use of copper as a remedy on animals.

He arrived at the conclusion that large areas of the world were copper deficient in their water sources, and that copper, like any natural mineral, was important in the bodies natural healing process. As an alkali-genic component, copper provides a critical natural balance to the bodies alkali-acid balance. 
arthur forbes in africa where he first used copper on animals
"It is probable that all rheumatic subjects, humans and animals, have a copper deficiency that is replaced by wearing pure copper next to the skin. Rheumatism is believed to attack any weakness or injury and its incidence seems to increase with the stiffness that comes with old age and following broken bones and sprains to any part of the body."

As a great nature lover himself, out in Africa he had been inspired to use the copper on animals, and to his amazement he recorded astonishing results. Back then it was known as Colonel Forbes's Copper. When Arthur returned back to Oxford in the late 1950's he brought back a vital link in natural healing with copper. Arthur Forbes patented the use of copper on animals and went onto encouraging thousands to try this natural remedy to great effect under the new simplified name of Forbes Copper.



"My first chance to treat a dog came with my own gun dog 'Sago', a Springer spaniel bitch. She started to get stiff after work, and was in such pain the morning after a days shooting that she used to cry out when she tried to get up. A saddler friend designed for me a collar interlaced with copper for her and she recovered almost immediately.

Since then I have made copper collars for all sorts and sizes of dogs and have had some really remarkable letters from dog owners. Of course it does not always work, but it is extraordinary how quickly and how often it seems to help."

The first horse Arthur tried with a pastern strap was John Oxley's 'Ocean' who has suffered from chronic rheumatism since she came into training. Oxley agreed to try a pastern strap, found their was an almost immediate response and after six weeks reported "she is now doing good work - she walks straight and is always squealing, kicking, and jumping which she never used to do before - I am delighted"


Sago Arthur Forbes dog which suffered bad with arthritis

Where we are now

The company continues to be run by the family in Dorset. Along with the online business the companies products are advertised in sporting magazines and often feature in various trade fairs around the country.

We as a family are passionate believers about the natural healing qualities brought by copper and are proud to be involved with it. Over the years we have heard amazing stories about the results of copper use. It is a testament to Arthur, who pioneered the use of copper on animals, that it is now so widely used and accepted as a healing source for many symptoms.